PeopleService assumed responsibilities as the City’s Contract Operator July 16, 2017, under a five-year contract. They are responsible for the management, upkeep, and operations of all public works and utilities, including streets, sidewalks, city parks, storm drainage systems, drinking water systems, sanitary sewer collection systems, and wastewater treatment facilities.

Regional Manager George Hulet oversees and directs the management and operations. George is highly skilled and experienced, is the expert we want by our side to resolve public works and utility system management issues – from maintenance and operations to troubleshooting, to customer service and community relations, to major project planning and implementation.

Assisting George and representing the firm as the District Manager is Chris Cowell. Chris is our local contact, coordinating with the city clerk’s office and reporting to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen. Chris is a valuable asset to the city, bringing years of specialized municipal-based public works and utility system operations and maintenance experience.

You are bound to recognize James McCoy, our local Lead Operator. James offers a vast knowledge of the community and the various systems and facilities. He brings firsthand experience through his work in our community for many years. Frank Haulenbeek began his career with PeopleService as an operator in 2020. In addition to his duties relating to the city’s water and wastewater facilities, you can find Frank mowing and trimming, keeping our city looking its best!

Providing prompt and courteous customer service is the cornerstone of PeopleService and is paramount to their success. You may contact James during the day at 573-338-4001, or after hours to report problems or an emergency by calling 1-888-861-1921.